Learning and Development Trainee

Job description

Unique, exciting, fun-loving, and fast-growing? – Welcome to Docler Holding! Since launching in 2001, we have created products and experiences that entertain millions of people across the globe. We now serve more than 50 million daily users and are consistently among the top visited websites in the world with a following in the millions!
Some of our top-ranking websites include:

  • Livejasmin.com, a market leader in the live streaming industry
  • Jasmin.com, a platform that helps people make authentic connections
  • Oranum.com, a pioneer in the online esoteric space and the world’s biggest live esoteric site
  • BeMyFan.com, a link sharing tool that helps influencers connect with their fan
  • Bimbim.com, an innovative, mobile -focused platform for content creators

LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT superhero trainee wanted

5 superpowers that you definitely need if you join our #DoclerSquad:

  • Flight: At Docler knowledge is our main superpower. By creating and editing e-learning materials in English/in Hungarian you support our colleagues to fly high and do their best.
  • Shapeshifting: we prefer checks to Xs if mandatory courses are the topic. Help us track training reports and support mandatory courses, and change all the Xs to green ticks as soon as possible.
  • Super speed: in this ever-changing environment, this is the basic strength of all our employees. Docler is famous for quick response times, this is how we stay competitive. Behind all of our successful projects, there is fast and precise administrative work. We want you to help us maintain and manage databases, and follow up on administrative processes.
  • Elemental control: we truly believe that everything starts with a strong first impression. That’s why your first day and onboarding process are so important for us. Good presentation skills are essential for effectively communicating and transmitting the vision of our department.
  • Mind control: Promoting L&D’s systems, initiatives, and training opportunities by changing the mindset about learning is one of our biggest missions. Video editing, social media content, podcast creation, blog posts, interactive presentations and new approaches are welcome in order to reach as many colleagues as we can! If you are a tech savvy with an interest in learning and development, you are more than welcome!


Let’s see some human factors as well:

You are the right fit if you:

  • …have an active, full-time university student status for at least 1 year
  • ...are proficient in written and spoken English
  • …are interested in the world of HR, especially in the field of learning and development
  • …have excellent organizational skills and pay attention to the smallest details
  • …can happily say yes to presenting – you do not suffer from stage fright
  • …are committed to perfection – you always strive for the best
  • …are eager to participate in the daily life of the learning and development team
  • …are familiar with the latest social media trends

And we are here for you to gain even more superpowers:

  • Relevant professional experience / learning opportunity in the field of learning and development that really counts on the superhero market
  • Innovative environment: you will never get bored with us! There is never a dull moment!
  • Supporting team: a motivated and diverse 6-member international team is waiting for you!
  • Insight into several exciting training and development projects
  • A work schedule that fits your studies and superhero duties
  • An opportunity to find out which specialization stands closest to your heart
  • Instead of making coffee, brainstorm together over a cup of tea or coffee